Queen of Light
Queen of Light
Queen of Light
Queen of Light
Queen of Light
Queen of Light
Queen of Light
Queen of Light
Queen of Light
Queen of Light
Queen of Light
Queen of Light

Queen of Light

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Grab the spotlight wherever you go with this attractive workout jumpsuit. The fresh combination of colors gives you the much needed comfort and grit for an all-or-nothing training. Worn outside the gym, you will become a light bomb. People will definitely stop by and ask: “Who is this queen?”


  • 95% lycra
  • 5% spandex


  • Machine wash cold
  • Hand wash cold
  • Do not dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Comes with a zipper plastic bag for storage

Note: Model is wearing a small size and is 1.6m (5.2 feet)

  • Second-skin like, comfortable in all the right places
  • Highlights the curves and muscles
  • Enhanced chest structure for extra volume (no bra needed)
  • Triple stitching at the bottom and under it for push-up effect
  • Compressing fibers to thin the waist and legs
  • Diminishes the cellulite appearance
  • Removes the embarrassing camel toe
  • Back straps that allow freedom of movement
  • Label embroidered inside to avoid skin rashes
  • Ventilating, elastic, and sweat resistant fabric
  • Quick drying

  •     XS 
  • BUST 65-80 CM
  • WAIST 53-60 CM
  • HIP 70 - 80 CM
  •      S
  • BUST 72-100 CM
  • WAIST 60- 73 CM
  • HIP 78-98 CM 
  •     M
  • BUST 80-110 CM
  • WAIST 66-80 CM
  • HIP 90 -110 CM 
  •     L
  •  BUST 86-120 CM
  • WAIST 72 -90 CM
  • HIP 100-130 CM
Why choose us?
Reason one

Reason one
Jumpsuits with real athletic measurements in mind.We basically invented our own measurements with three separate stitches under your chest, bottom, and thighs to model your silhouette. 

Reason two

Combine this with the second-skin like fabric that goes unnoticed and the optical illusions of each print, and you’ve got yourself a versatile activewear that you can use beyond gym - at a yoga class, dance hall, even a casual night out with friends.

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